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You've entered my site, wow, you must have no life if you're looking at people's tripod sites! Just kidding <3 Anywho, in this site, its tons of shitt. About Me (Mason) A story, Noahs Ark, with a little twist created by my buddy, A page fully on manson, and you know, such other things. So take a look around and what not.
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So I suppose I should say something smart and thought provoking. But.. I really can't. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. Well, I'll try to say something smart about life and friendship I guess:
Throughout life we will be set through challenges, challenges about ourselves, our life and challenges basically existing just to piss you off. You will also be faced with choices, some will effect you mentally, some emotionally, physically, and occationally some will a mix of all three. You make choices everyday, that set you down a path, sometimes you don't even notice when you're choosing that fork in the road. Other times, it will be a big decision you will know you are facing. You have to look out for signs that will ead you to the right direction. Too often will over look those signs. Signs aren't just big shiney lights with arrows pointing you to the right direction. Sometimes it's someone who comes into your life. They are your saints, they are the ones with wings steering you to a direction, They are also known as your friends. To follow their hand of guidence, is your disecion. But sometimes, they aren't really your friends. But really they're just someone trying to dragg you down the same path they chose so they wont be alone. You chose on who you follow, you have to be very aware, it takes alot of time and mess ups before you really understand people and who are really your friends. Even then, you could mess up, it is never a deffinate decision. But there's one thing everyone needs to learn. And that's the ability to except all conciquences, this ability, some may never get, they might always be nieve and not see that it's their resposiblity into what path they chose. Basically what I'm saying, is you have a long journey ahead of you, no matter what happens, be prepared for the outcome, and becareful who you trust. This worlds a big game.. but in the end, we're all losers, so make the most of it!
Anywho, those are my words of wisdome, take a look around.. Later!

The Casualties
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