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Here's Some Poems That I Like, Or I Wrote. If You Like Poetry As Much As Me, I Hope These Can Be Enjoyed By You :)

So Right..

All i hear is my fading heart
Nothing Else, The rooms too dark
No longer will I heal
I cant even feel anything thats real

My Bestfriend is this knife
I'll take it to my grave
Im dying alone tonite
Why does this feel so right

Blood's dripping from my veins
I no longer feel any pain
Why cant someone do this for me
Deaths my destiny

No ones heard my cry for help
Its a cold nite..
Im dying alone
Why does this feel so right?
            Awesome Poem, Really Deep Christine. Hope To Get More From Ya To Post... Jst.. Do Me A Fav.. No Matter How Much U wanna.. Dont Slit Ur Wrists.. Ppl Luv U 2 Much... ;)
What Im Feeling Right Now
My Heart Has been Broken
There's So Much Pain
Im Not Trying To Be Provoken
But This Craps Driving me Insane.
I Let It Get To Me Too Much
And I'm Ashamed To Say
But I Just Want To Break Down And Cry So Much
And I Have No Shoulder To Cry On, So Nothings Okay
Being Trapped In This Little World Gets To Me
And Im Scared Of It More Then You Have Conceived
It's been A NightMare And I Cant Break Free
Just Thought You'd Be There Like You Said, It Was You I Belived
Sometimes Trust Is More Important Then Love
And Sometimes Friends Are more Important Then Anything
I Didn't Want To Believe What You Did So I Asked The Guy Above
He Told Me To Forgive You, Move On, And Forget The Whole Thing
All I Want Is To Have One Person To Turn To
Through Short And Long
Through The Happy And Blue
Through The Weak And Strong.
Aww So Painful of A Poem. U Have Talent man, Take It Far.

Here’s Your Happy Me…


The Birds, The Bees

The Flowers, The Trees

The Blissful Days

Taking Me Away……


This Is What I’d Write If Life Were Grand

If Someone Was Here To Hold My Hand

That’s What I’d Write If I Were Happy

I’d Write Something Nice And Sappy

If Every Thing Was Right And Well

Instead Of Living In This Hell

A Happy Kid Is What You Strive For

But Oh You Got So Much More

You Want A Teen You Can be Proud Of

But Now You Have Teen No One Can Love

You Want A Poem You Can Put On The Wall

So Everyone Sees As They Walk Through The Hall

Do You Really Want To Hear What I Have To Say

No, You Don’t, You Want It All Your Way.

You Want A Straight A Student All For Show

But This Failure Is All U Seem To Know

You Wonder Why I Write Like This

Lets Take A Look At All My Bliss:


I Got Friends That I Hoped Would Last For Ever

Wait, Your Making Move, Ill Now See Them Next To Never

I Got A Good Catch, I Guy I'm Crazy For

Wait A Minute… He Loves His Girlfriend More

I Got A Family That Loves Me, Right?

Wait, I'm Shunned And We Always Fight.


So Tell Me What’s So Good About It

It Could Be Worse, But I Doubt It.

So The Next Time You Want To Bitch

Just Remember Soon I Can Ditch.

This Is Your Happy Rhyme.

You’ll Learn to Deal With Me Over Time….

This One Is Written By Yours Truly. Not The Greatest, but lots of meaning to me.
I Fell And You Weren'y There
You Said Youd Catch me
You Said You Cared
I Can't Belive Youd Leave me Alone On This Planet
So I'm Gonna' Turn The game Around On You
Oh No You Can't Stop me This Time Dammit
I'm Not Going to Let You Hurt Me No More
Im Gonna Let U Feel What You Put Me Through
Oh I'm Gonna Enjoy Watching Your Eye's Fill With Horror
This Is So Awesome And Deep KimberlEy, Im Sure alot of ppl feel like this when they r betrayed...

Here I Lye...


Trails Of Drops Tinted Red

On The Floor From My Vein

These Emotions In My Head

I Want To Rid This Pain

A Knife Slits my Wrist

After The Last Fight

My Life Is No Bliss

Nothing I Do Is Right.

Why Am I Cursed To Always Cry

Why Are We Cursed To Always Yell

My Only Options Is To Die

My Life Has Become My Living Hell

I'm Just Another Head Ache

I Just Get In The Way

You All Think That This Is Fake

No Longer Is Life Good And Gay.

Popping Pills When I Can

One Last Cut To End These Tears

I Only Have One Last Plan

It’s One Of My Greatest Fears

The Day I’ll Finally Croak

With Sum Pills Or A Knife

Even A Noose To Choke

It Will all End My Life

This Is What I Need

One Last Good-Bye

This Is What I Plead

And Now Here I Lye……

Another By Me, Yeah, I Write Some Pretty Depressin Stuff Eh? LoL
She's so sad inside
All she thinks about is suicide
She just cant deal
She doesnt know how to feel
Shes all alone
Nobody hears her screams , her moans
Her cries of pain
Are not in vain
She has not one friend
She just wants it all to end
She thinks about it one last time
Yeah , she made up her mind
She runs for the knives
As she cries over her shitty life
She takes the knife
And with one swift slice
She takes her last breath
She thinks about death
How much better it will be
And if her family will understand and see
That it will be better soon
But as nitght falls up rises the moon
Screams of horror echo the night
As they panic and cry in fright
They found the lifeless thing on the floor
As the blood still pours out of her more and more
They scream call 911
Oblivious that her life is done
Paramedics Arrive , they yell save her
The medics look at eachother unsure
They feel for a pulse
The look of hope on their faces are false
They look at eachother then at the ground
They say sorry but life in her is nowhere to be found
Their knees start to buckle from it all
They need to make arrangements , needing to make all the calls
As they lay their only child to rest
They think this world of ours is messed
Another soul is locked away
From the game of life that we all play
This is the first poem I ever gotten from kayla, its really good hun! You should send me more!

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