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Shout Outs

Here's The Part Where I List And Acknologde My Friends And Their Greatness. If Your Not On The List And I Forgot You, Dont Get Offended Cuz, You All Should Probably Know I Have A REALLY Bad Memory... Just Let Me Know Okay?

And Heres The Shout Out To my Friends, 1st I Want To say I Love You All And Miss You Guyz, No Matter How Far I Move, I'll Still Love You All And Think About You! (list in no particular order)
Debbie: No matter where we go in life, you will always be apart of mine. Even in the worst of times when you're soo pissed off at me, You will still be a part of my life! I Love You

Liz: We've been up and down so many roads and hills, we've lasted this long, and we're going to last years longer. <3
Kayla: Everyday I talk to you, it's like I never really left. You're one of the many missing peices to my puzzle that I've found. I warn you, you will never be given up without a fight. and when I say fight, i mean an all out brawl
Jasmine: I haven't even been friends with you for a year, but, yet then again, I could never live without you anymore. You bring me hope for the future when my present crumbles, I honesly don't know wtf I would do without you !

Victoria: I know i rarley talk to you anymore. But always remember, I'll always think of you. And just when you think we wont talk, I'll be showing up at your door with a grin on my face :)
Kelly C: I Havent seen you in so long. It's killing me. We're so far apart now, but you're always close to me in my heart ;)

Niki: You're one of the greatest people I know, and one of the most forgiving. I hope I never lose contact with you, I wouldn't be able to bare it! Don't ever change!
Jessi: You're pure jokes, Always able to put a smile on my face :)

Sarah: No matter our many differences, we always seem to pull through and make it one step further. You'll always be my little bible thumper <3

Dinner: What will I ever do without you! I moved away knowing it would be harder to talk to you, then you moved away, and now I no I may never talk to you :( .. Try to keep intouch man! i heart you <3

Sabrina: We had some good times, and there will still be more to come, you can bet your bottom dollar!

Sodavy: You'll always be my little Gangsta buddy! I miss you so much. You're so amazing. You're such a little stoner. I Love you man!! <3

Kelly B: Hey, We Had Some Really Good Chats On That Corner.. LoL, We Talked For Hours, Im Really Gonna Miss You!

Brianne: You're awesome. You're so upbeat and cheerful, and in these days, people really need a friend like that. I'm glad it's me who has someone like you :) 

Jesse C: You're also an amazing person I have met! There's been quite a few bumps in the road over the past while, but, I'm glad we're friends still. :) <3

Jessica: You're so jokes! I Love You! <33 It's a shame we didnt talk much after grade 7 till when I moved. With us together, we could take over the world ;) ((Me = Envey Jessica... Manson spit in face :( ))

Krystle: Here's a girl that's full of spunk and a total goof ball :P

Ryan: You're so awesome. You're just like Brianne, upbeat and know how to put a smile on anyones face, keep up the good work man ;)

Mahlon: You've been a friend to me since the days I actually remember, It's a real shame we never see each other anymore. No matter how far away you go, I'll always remember you! :( <3

Jareth: Another childhood friend I'll never forget. I Still remember always hanging out in that tree just talking about the future. Well, the furtures here, so where are you? :(<3

Kimmerz: You're so cute, but, you know that don't you. You never let anyone forget it :P You're so awesome and full of spunk, don't ever change

Jesse L: You're such a great guy! You're amazing and I always want you to be part of my life! You're so great to talk to, and to poke ;). what am I going to do without you <3

Michelle: I rarely see you, or even talk to you anymore. But I hope we will always be friends. You're so great! And I <3 U :)

Nicole: We rarely talk anymore either :(. But I always think of you and our good times in the past. The summer of grade 9 one one of the best summers I ever had, I'm so glad I met you!

Logan: I haven't even met you yet, but you're already a part of me. You make me smile everyday I talk to you, and frown everyday I don't. I <3 You

Matt (Moses): Another guy I have never even technically met yet. But he seems to have a real hold on all the ladies at SWC. You're a great guy! And you're a real pimp at SWC :P haha

Dan: You're an amazing guy with alot of talent. I wee bit of a stoner, but hey, we all have our flaws;) <3 Don't ever change !

If I Missed Ya Let Me No!!!, Cuz I Prolly Didn't Mean To, I Just Have The Memory Of A Peguin!! LoL

Through All The Good Times And Bad Times, Im Always Gonna Be Here For You Guyz!, Dont EVER Forget It!! Love You All!!

ill put more l8r

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