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Heres A Whole Bunch Of Links To Either My Friends Webpages Or Web Pages I Like.  this would b a manson site... no shit eh? well if u wants pics and shit click there... theres even links there to other manson sites. This is KimberlEy's Site.. I Didnt Have her Pic .. so Her Link Is Here...  Here Is Liz's Site Again. If U Missed It Of Havent Got To Pics This Is Breannes In Case U Ppl Didnt Reach The Pics This is Linkin Parks site... yay:-) here A Good Lyric Place If U wanna No What All ur Bands R Actually Singin Every1 has prolly heard of launch.. good music videos for free...but u have to sign up for yahoo e-mail if ya wanna keep usin it  This Is An awesome site for manson Pics... Its Like Sooo Many Pics.. Really Cool.  bored? ... Then Go To That Site theres addicting games there

If U Didnt Click Any Of Those Stupid Links... Then FUCK U 2... Quit Being So Lazy And Click One Of The Stupid Fuckin Things...